Widescreen Marine Monitors

We have recently designed & built a series of 19” and 21.5” full HD resolution sunlight viewable and fully sealed widescreen marine monitors for several major superyacht projects. These are used for radar and chart display applications. Many modern radar systems now require a wide format display with HD resolution These will be added into our product range and can be seen on our website very soon.

15” Barco CRT replacement

A recent project was to supply a small batch of monitors for a Naval sonar application, these had to fit into the existing space previously occupied by the originally fitted Barco CRT monitors that required replacing. Special firmware was required to allow the legacy graphics boards on the computer system to interface with the modern display technology. The new monitors fitted seamlessly into the console space and all connectors matched the existing installation making it a true form / fit and functional replacement

5.7” Touch monitor with KVM Extender

We were approached by a major defence contractor to supply some highly specialised small touch screen monitors for an in cockpit display used in helicopter flight test instrumentation. After detailed investigations it was determined that a 5.7” monitor configured in portrait mode was the best solution due to the very tight space requirements. Adding to the complexity the system required a KVM extender due to the length of the cable runs. A special interconnection module was designed that carried the KVM extender and transmitters and also acted as an interconnection box.