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Bluestone Technology Ltd has long and proud history of supporting the Royal Navy and several navies from around the World with truly rugged marine monitors. With over 20 years’ experience of supplying the largest defence contractors in the World, our monitors are installed on ships and boats from across the entire spectrum of the surface and sub-surface fleet from external flybridge displays to sonar displays. As a result, all our monitors are designed to meet DEF STAN 59-411 Below Decks and all the monitors in the range between 8.4” and 42” are currently held on the RN Submarine Toxicity Database item A2781.

As we design and manufacture our monitors in the UK, we can modify our versatile and flexible designs to meet specific requirements, without additional NRE charges, to the exacting standards synonymous with Bluestone Technology’s reputation for excellence. We can offer long term through life support where appropriate, and should the worst happen, we will always repair and refurbish our monitors where possible.



The Poseidon 10.4” Panel PC has been used in a range of different systems including submarine engine room monitoring applications and as an outside bridge display for arctic vessels.

Its been configured in many different forms and is designed to meet the requirements of Def Stan 59-411 making it highly suited to many shipborne applications. With full sealing to IP65 /IP67 it has the flexibility to be installed in any location on the vessel . Purposely designed with an open architecture in mind, the 10.4″ Poseidon Panel PC can be configured with all major operating systems for maximum flexibility.

The latest versions were supplied as bridge displays fully sealed to IP67, configured with dimmable high brightness displays and AR coated windows to allow them to be used outdoors in any weather/environmental conditions. The 10.4″ Panel PC’s form part of a sophisticated navigation system used to pilot the vessel in constricted waters where the navigational information needs to be viewed reliably from the external bridge wing location.


The 15” monitor range has been supplied to a vast range of critical naval applications over a number of years. Relied on by all the leading defence contractors, Bluestone Technology’s reputation for delivering the highest quality rugged monitors available on the market has seen our monitors continue to be the first choice for harsh environments. With applications ranging from submarine sonar repeater displays across all the UK platforms, to engine room monitoring systems and even flybridge displays used on small coastal patrol vessels.

Most recently, the Poseidon flybridge displays have been configured with a fully dimmable high brightness 1000 Cd/m sq brightness display, paired with a marine grade AR coated window to provide superb viewability in all conditions. The monitors are mounted on our rugged stand making installation simple and allowing adjustment of the screen position to suit all operators. The monitor housing is fully sealed to IP67 allowing it to operate in the most exposed locations on the vessel with complete reliability. The system was supplied complete with specialist cables and our rugged naval PSU module creating a fully integrated solution whilst simplifying the installation for the customer.


We have supplied the Titan 19” monitors for use on a wide range of applications over many years. Replacing sonar system displays, obsolete 18.1” screens used on Sea Viper PAAMS missile systems on Type 45 Destroyers and replacement monitors for a number of C2 systems. As Bluestone Technology design and manufacture our monitors in the UK, we can adapt our design and fitting to suit specific requirements quickly and without additional NRE charges.

More recently, the 19” Poseidon free mounted version was supplied to the RN LPD assault ships HMS Albion and HMS Bulwark. Approached by the customer to supply a specially configured version of the 19” with full EMC mesh windows, custom light admiralty grey painted finish and designed to fit to the existing mounting bracket design. After the successful integration of our monitors onto the platforms, the end user has requested additional variations to be supplied with a rear mounted power supply module designed for shipborne use with full input / output filtering designed to meet Def Stan 59-411 Below Decks standard.


The Bluestone 24” monitor range is used across a range of naval applications and is supplied to many of the leading defence prime contractors. The 24” range has been implemented for use in a containerised combat information centre / mine countermeasures system where the 24” screen is a key component used to present tactical and navigational data such as WECDIS and as part of several ships onboard fire control system displays.

The latest variant of the 24” range is the Xtreme Poseidon 16:10 Aspect Ratio which are being permanently mounted externally on the bridge wings of both RFA and RN OPV ships, providing a serious uplift in capability for these respective platforms. The Poseidon Xtreme 24” benefits from internally shock mounted componentry, an extended operating temperature range, AR and IR coated windows and full IP67 sealing making it the only viable option on the market for this particularly demanding application.

Bluestone Technology have custom configured many different versions of our 24” screens for various naval applications, including use of EMC mesh windows, fitting rugged power supply modules and rugged stands.


Having been approached by a leading defence supplier, Bluestone Technology were tasked to design a custom display solution to facilitate the installation of two 24” 16:10 format displays side by side as part of a sonar system upgrade on RN submarines. The final solution comprised of a dual screen monitor with two 24” 1920 x 1200 resolution screens mounted into a single machined housing, reducing the monitors width to the absolute minimum and meeting the customers specified space limitations.

As always, Bluestone Technology worked in close collaboration with the customer’s engineering department to ensure all requirements were fully defined and incorporated into the final design, included providing dedicated hard mounting points with steel thread inserts to allow the display to be mounted securely in its challenging location on the vessel. In the words of our customer:

The solution is great, in an ideal location, only achievable because of your design, it really is a tight fit.”

Bluestone Technology also played a pivotal role in supporting the customer through the EMC testing required of the complete system to DEF STAN 59-411 Below Decks.


The Poseidon 31.5” display is a full 4K monitor that’s in service on UK submarines as a high-resolution waterfall display used in the latest generation of sonar systems. Having assessed the existing displays available on the market, the leading defence supplier contacted Bluestone to design and manufacture a custom display solution to meet specific requirements demanded by the end user. Bluestone worked closely with our customer on the design to ensure all requirements were not only met but exceeded. Due to the difficult installation challenges on submarines, a series of mounting options were incorporated into the design to achieve maximum flexibility for the end user to install across several different platforms. Particular attention was also paid to the display window, a custom AR window was utilised to ensure the highly detailed sonar data was displayed with full integrity whilst reducing environmental reflections to an absolute minimum.

Specifically designed for this application, it has been tested and approved for submarine installation with Bluestone providing close customer support to ensure the system passed EMC testing to Def Stan 59-411 Below Decks quickly and efficiently.


The Poseidon 42” monitor is in operational use with several navies around the World. Primarily used in conjunction with WECDIS systems as a situational awareness display, it is installed across the UK submarine and surface fleet and has been in service for a number of years.

WECDIS provides ships’ navigation teams with an integrated electronic navigation picture, increasing situational and tactical awareness for the ship’s crew. With the optional Tilt Base Module, it can be used as a WECDIS navigation station with the display tilted to the vertical position or alternatively as a briefing / bird table display ideal for planning teams and war-gaming in the horizontal position.

Designed in conjunction with the customers installation engineering team, the 42” Monitor has been configured to simplify ship fit and logistics, with a number of different options available to suit the different installations found across the fleet.