Our standard finishing option is hard black anodising, this gives many advantages, being an extremely hard and scratch / wear resistant, matt black finish that can’t flake and is impervious to most commonly encountered chemicals and contaminants. Bluestone hard anodising has been tested to Def Stan 00-35 salt atmosphere/ salt mist and mould growth promotion and also for a standard range of contaminants such as those found in military aircraft maintenance and warship environments.

Where hard anodising may not be suitable we have a selection of other finishing options that we can use including painting to match existing equipment such as light admiralty grey painted consoles where the monitor is to be fitted.

Another option used in food industry applications where anodising may not be acceptable is to use specialist food industry approved coatings approved to FDA standards.
Water repellent coatings can be additionally applied to hard anodised components where they may be used in constantly wet environments such as small fast open boats such as RIB’s to promote rapid shedding of water.