Product Testing

Many of our monitors, power supplies and mounting brackets have been independently tested to a variety of Def. Stan and BS EN EMC & Environmental Standards qualifying them for operational use in a wide range of applications including military aircraft ground test equipment and on board both surface ships and submarines. Typically our equipment has been tested to both of:

  • Def Stan 59-411
  • Def Stan 00-35

(Please contact us to discuss your particular requirements in more detail, as there are many different standards that may be applied depending on the specific application and we often  can read across data where applicable).

Many customers will undertake testing as part of their complete system level testing, but equally we are able to undertake testing to specific standards on behalf of our customers.

Sealed to exceed IP67 specifications (including connections & interfaces), below is a normal production build Poseidon monitor left connected up and running for 7 days as part of tests in preparation for the extreme conditions these monitors are being used in. Not only is the monitor completely sealed, but the connectors are as well.

Standard Production Build Monitor Submerged & Tested for 7 days.