Titan/Poseidon Range

The Bluestone product ranges are split into two, the Titan and the Poseidon, the major difference between them being the degree of sealing.


The Titan is fully sealed all round with the exception of the connectors which are generally fairly conventional unsealed types such as 15 way high density ‘D’ types for VGA signal input. Typically these are used in environments where water is only rarely encountered such as warship Operations Rooms for example, but some protection is desirable at the front face.


Where water, dust moisture or other contaminants may be encountered, or the equipment is to be used outdoors or in a marine application and full sealing is required then a Poseidon will be required. Typically these will be fitted with fully hermetically sealed connectors and they may use single umbilical cables to connect them. Other modifications we carry out allow the equipment to be fully hermetically sealed without fogging or condensation forming internally even over a wide range of ambient temperatures and altitude or air pressure.