Military Avionics Test System Display

This is a system derived from our well proven Poseidon 10.4” hand held monitors. The customer (a major Global Military supplier) came to us and asked if we could run a touch screen monitor over a 30 metre long umbilical cable.
Naturally for us the answer was yes and we put together a kit of parts to demonstrate this capability to the customer and the MOD in a couple of weeks.

Subsequently we supplied these monitors as complete kits for upgrading the existing test sets; the kits included Poseidon 10.4” Rugged hand held monitors with special sunlight viewable touch screens , 30 metre umbilical cables configured with special strain relief sleeves and protective caps , adaptor cable to fit to the test set , and protective sun cover/ bags for the monitor.

The system enables avionics technicians to run the tests from the cockpit of a variety of aircraft types and sizes with the test set located on the runway and overcomes some security issues that had not been possible to fix previously.