University Anatomy Lab

For this customer we were asked to produce a specialised fully sealed 15” and 19” touch screen monitor that could operate up to 100 meters away from the host PC system to prevent the students from accessing the computer hardware and to keep the computer out of the dissection area, which requires stringent cleaning.

Using a KVM system the touch monitors operate via cat 5-network cable that connects to a dedicated control room housing the computer hardware. Using tough projected capacitive touch screen ensures the monitors are virtually impossible to damage in normal operation by means of the scalpels etc commonly used within the laboratory environment.

Specialist gas spring balanced mounting brackets and waterproof speakers were developed to work with the system delivering training tutorials and information directly to the students working at each dissection station and also to a specialist museum of anatomical exhibits where medical histories can now be accessed while looking at the particular sample in the museum.

This unique system revolutionises the way in which anatomy training is delivered and has been described as the first major development in the field of anatomy education for medical students for several hundred years.