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10.4" Poseidon Xtreme Lightweight Monitor

Poseidon 10.4″ Xtreme Lightweight Monitor

Poseidon 10.4″ Free Mount Xtreme Lightweight monitors are Bluestone Technologies lightest monitor in the 10.4” range, weighing in at just 2Kg whilst benefiting from a fully machined, fully sealed,  hard anodised case. Available in XGA resolution with several different display options available to suit our customer’s specific needs; Options include low power LED backlit sunlight readable high brightness displays and touch screen.

Poseidon 18.5″ PCAP Monitor

The Bluestone Poseidon 18.5” PCAP monitor is the latest addition to our well proven PCAP monitor range. With its full HD resolution and wide screen format it takes our PCAP monitor to a new level of sleek performance. The modern flush glass styling combined with the traditional Bluestone values of solid machined construction, hard anodised finish internal shock vibration isolation and IP66 sealing makes this monitor suitable for a wide range of applications in many industrial, commercial customer facing applications where a robust solution is required.

Bluestone Technology's Poseidon Xtreme 24" 16:10 Aspect Ratio Front

Poseidon Xtreme 24″ Monitor with 16:10 Aspect Ratio

Introducing the latest addition to the Bluestone range, the Poseidon Xtreme 24″ Monitor equipped with a full 16:10 Aspect Ratio, WUXGA 1920 x 1200 resolution display. Specifically designed for those more challenging applications such as marine radar displays which require a full 1200 vertical pixels. The Poseidon Xtreme 24″ Monitor can handle these applications at their native resolution, without scaling, whilst providing unparalleled performance and unrivalled reliability synonymous with Bluestone Technology’s reputation and company ethos.

Bluestone Technology Ltd Heavy Duty Desk Stand

Heavy Duty Desk Stand

Bluestone Technology’s Heavy Duty Desk Stand has been specifically designed to mount our larger monitors, primarily 17″ to 24″. The Heavy Duty Desk Stand benefits from a solid stainless steel construction making it equally suitable for internal and external use.


Poseidon Xtreme Caddy

Introducing our ruggedised Poseidon Extreme Caddy, designed to allow the safe & secure storage of mission specific data. The caddy can be used stand alone or in conjunction with our Xtreme Docking Station depending on the application. Designed for the harshest environments it can survive & operate from -50 to +80°C with the optional inbuilt heater.

Xtreme Docking Station

Introducing the latest addition to the Bluestone Xtreme range, our Xtreme Docking Station designed to complement our Poseidon Xtreme Caddy in applications where simple installation and removal of the caddy is required to secure protectively marked mission data. The caddy has multiple mounting options for securing within marine, airborne or protected mobility platforms.

31.5 Poseidon Rugged Freemount Monitor - Featured

31.5” Poseidon Rugged Freemount monitor

The new 31.5” Poseidon is a full 4K resolution monitor with optional 10 touch multitouch screen. Its contemporary flush glass styling and extreme slimness make it a superb solution to many modern applications while retaining the typical Bluestone rugged reliability.

55” Poseidon Rugged Freemount Monitor - Featured

55” Poseidon Rugged Freemount Monitor

Building on the existing 31.5” and 42” Poseidon monitors this latest addition to the range is a fully machined, sealed and ruggedized 4k 55” monitor with an optional 10 touch multitouch screen. Designed for modern command and control marine and industrial applications, its fully machined construction allows great flexibility in its mounting options due to its massive strength and rigidity.

Poseidon Xtreme i7 Rugged Computer

Poseidon Xtreme i7 Rugged Computer

We are proud to introduce our latest new product , the Xtreme i7 rugged computer. Its designed to complement our range of rugged displays and is fully ruggedized to allow operation in high & low temperatures & is fully sealed to IP67/68. The high performance yet low power intel 6th Generation i7 6600U CPU makes it suitable for a huge range of demanding applications in the harshest of operating environments and its open architecture allows user configuration.

17 Inch PCAP - Front

17” PCAP Pi terminal

The new 17” PCAP Pi terminal expands on Bluestones well proven PCAP technology platform by integrating a low powered Raspberry Pi processor inside a ruggedized Bluestone 17” PCAP monitor. By using a Raspberry Pi, this opens a large range of exciting applications that can be run on this low-cost single-board computer.

10.4″ inch Panel PC

The Poseidon 10.4” Panel PC is a brand new, low power, fully rugged computer product that builds on the legacy of our long established and well proven Poseidon 10.4” monitor range. Designed for the harshest environments in military, marine & industrial applications it’s a fully sealed panel PC touchscreen that’s based on the low power Intel Atom Quad core processor.

12.1” Wide Screen Monitor - Front

12.1” Wide Screen Monitor

The new Titan and Poseidon 12.1” widescreen monitors with 1280 x 800 pixel resolution are the smallest widescreens currently available in the Bluestone range. As with all our displays they can be configured in a wide variety of different ways to meet a range of different applications.

19” Titan Monitor Custom Mounting Bracket - Front

19” Titan Free Mounted Monitor with Deckhead Mount

We were asked to produce a custom configuration of our 19” Titan free mounted monitor with a military specification mains power supply, and a custom version of our side mounting bracket configured to work as a deckhead mounting. The new bracket configuration gives the unique ability to stow the monitor folded back out of the way giving vital quick access to critical equipment behind the monitor position.

24 Dual Screen Monitor - Front

24″ Dual Screen Monitor

We were tasked to supply a pair of 24” monitors with full 1920 x 1200 HD resolution for a high resolution sonar system, the challenge being to design them to fit into a very tight space envelope on a nuclear submarine platform.

C2 Console

The multifunction modular C2 console is a new Bluestone design which brings the military command & control console into the 21st century with some unique and innovative new features not seen on other console designs. the integrated touchscreen displays are fully sealed in their own right, and are free mounted allowing total flexibility in the number and size of display used. It is compatible with most displays in the Bluestone rugged monitor range.

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