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C2 Command Console

The multifunction modular C2 console is a contemporary Bluestone design which brings the console into the 21st century.


This innovative design has many new features, the integrated touchscreen displays are fully sealed in their own right and are free mounted allowing total flexibility in the number and sizes of display used. It is compatible with most displays in the Bluestone range.

The displays can also be adjusted using the optional motorised tower module allow for either seated or standing operation, and can allow fine adjustment of the monitor angle and position for maximum operator comfort & efficiency.

The computer module is mounted on its own chassis which gives shock & vibration isolation & also allows for simple front access and removal for maintenance operations.

It can be implemented individually as stand alone unit or in multiple arrays of consoles to suit different platform applications. With its inbuilt docking & network ports it allows multiple consoles to be interconnected into a number of configurations while providing integrated cable management.

It has integrated keyboard & tracker ball or joystick modules and these are easily accessible for maintenance or repair operations. Its designed to allow replacement of all major components within a 30 minute target time to repair.

The multifunction console is a modern state of the art design which is optimised to lend itself to many command & control applications. Its machined construction provides a massively strong structure that allows other ancillary equipment to be easily integrated or attached as required

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