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17” PCAP Pi Terminal

The PCAP Pi terminal expands on Bluestones well proven PCAP technology platform by utilising a low powered Raspberry Pi processor inside a ruggedized Bluestone 17” PCAP monitor.


By using a Raspberry Pi, this opens a large range of exciting applications that can be run on this low-cost single-board computer.

The terminal can run with a variety of different applications in mind, such as a running in Kiosk mode, running HTML5 apps or even a bespoke program written in one of the several program languages that are available on the SBC. Using Net boot technology means there is no storage within the Pi itself, this system runs via a simple server PC which hosts the Pi OS and files on the server. This removes one of the major drawbacks of using a Raspberry Pi system in standalone form, Micro SD card corruption and degradation, as there is no card to corrupt.

By using a remote filesystem, this allows you to make changes via the server on the fly from one location and not have to go to each individual terminal. Any issues with the file system and you can simply copy a new OS over to the server. This makes it the perfect solution for larger scale systems where multiple terminals may be spread over a site such as a museum with different content required on each station.

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